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One Egg is about that collaborative approach to work, that extra piece of creativity that we add over and above other prepackaged mixes in the market. This little bit extra provides our clients with more meaningful and clever marketing which goes the extra distance


Meet our friendly team of Digital marketing experts!



Co-Founder, Head of SEO
Having worked for over 8 years in digital marketing in 3 different countries Ilan has hands-on experience managing large to enterprise sized SEO accounts. With a background in computer programming and a BA in Creative Media Ilan is the co-founder and head of SEO for the One Egg team. Having in-depth knowledge in both search marketing and web development enables him to develop powerful digital strategies, which deliver higher visibility on search engines, increase site traffic and boost conversions.



Co-Founder, Head of Paid Search
Born and Bred in Sydney, Mark has close to 10 years of experience in the world of digital, specializing in Paid Search & Analytics. With a BA (Pysch) & an M.B.A. Mark is the co-founder and head of Search for the One Egg team. His experience was forged working for multinational agencies & blue chip clients in Australia & abroad. He's managed small, medium & very large campaigns over the years, with sole responsibility over advertising campaigns spending up to $1 million per month. His passion lies with helping businesses achieve success online and making real differences to companies bottom lines. Mark likes his eggs fried!



Digital Marketing Specialist
Jessica is a digital marketing professional from Sydney, Australia who began her career in some of Australia's fastest growing digital agencies and start ups. She's also spent time as a consultant for large business both in Australia and abroad. Her expertise lies across SEO & SEM and she's a pro in all things Search! In her spare time Jess indulges her love of travel, food and art. She likes her eggs hard boiled with a dash of soy sauce.



Digital Marketing Specialist
Gilad is a dedicated and results-focused digital marketing professional, specialising in paid search and account management, with several years’ experience across a number of account manager and SEM positions. Ability to plan strategically, develop multi-channel presence and ensure that maximum ROI and conversion is delivered. Experienced in analysing campaigns, creating engaging content, alongside planning, optimising and implementing paid search campaigns across Google AdWords and Social Media. Gilad likes his Eggs Vegan!



Digital Marketing Specialist
Michal is a passionate and ROI driven digital marketer. He loves developing strategy and creating online campaigns for small and large businesses. You might find him up late at night diving deep into marketing data, analysing and finding hidden pockets of gold. He's passionate about eCommerce and online sales. He likes his eggs scrambled.



Digital Marketing Specialist
Danny is originally from NYC. He has a passion for business and marketing and has been starting and managing businesses since he was in his teens. Danny began his internet marketing career after tripling sales for his roommate’s nationwide shipping business with AdWords. Since then he continued to design, build, and manage digital marketing campaigns for businesses in a large variety of industries. Danny likes two eggs on a buttered bagel.



Web Development
Our resident geek and lover of all things tech, James specialises in website design and development. With several years experience as an IT Project Manager and Web Developer, James is able to appreciate and understand business objectives, tailoring technical solutions accordingly. James likes his eggs poached, extra soft and gooey.


Our Key Beliefs


It’s only by working together with clients that we can achieve an optimal outcome. Client input is crucial to the success of every campaign we run


Prepackaged strategy methodology is a scary reality in the market today. For us it’s about understanding who you are and building on that.

Data Driven

The only way to ensure the right decisions are made is based on data. Your gut can only take you so far. Everything we do is powered by data, whether that’s SEM campaign optimisation, SEO research or CRO advice


How often have you heard of agencies guaranteeing results? If you do, run away. It’s not something we do because it can’t be guaranteed and we will tell it to you straight. We will, however, implement sound strategies based on best practices which have strong chances of achieving your goals.

Our Story

When Betty Crocker came out with an instant cake mix in the 1950’s, they thought they had an instant winner.  Here was a product that allowed you to suddenly prepare a cake within minutes, it was almost life changing.

But it didn’t sell.

It didn’t sell because making a cake from a box was too far removed for the everyday person (housewife) and they actually felt guilty!

The psychologists realised that being able to add an egg to a cake mix, rather than just using powdered egg, took away the guilt of convenient baking and affirmed the woman’s role as provider

The result was that the mixture was less convenient to make but overall a better product because both the client and the agency collaborate to make something better together.

We don’t sell pre-packaged goods and services, we sell a customised collaborative, approach based on our years of experience in the industry.  You are the key component in our marketing success.

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